Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brooks Kohler (not a short story or work of fiction)

As stated above, this is a real blog entry. Sorry to those expecting a work of fiction but new stories are on their way! But I digress. I'm here to talk briefly with you about Brooks Kohler. Brooks is a fellow writer I started interacting with several months ago. Here's what Brooks has to say about my writing:

"Like many writers, my writing odyssey began with crafting short stories and to no surprise, I have developed a fondness for writers who are writing short stories and writing them well.

Randy Benivegna has the talent that peaks my interest. His stories are about life, but also take the reader on a journey. With Randy's work you will not get a day at the lake or a reflection on a trip. You will not get a memoir experience so often found in writing journals. He writes in such a style that you will feel as though you have completed something, and as an added bonus you will find yourself chuckling at the amusing dialogue and situations the characters find themselves in.

By the way, he's a really nice guy too!"

I can't thank Brooks enough for the kind words, and as a favor, I'd like to take a minute to help promote his site. is where you can find samples of his writing and music. Brooks is a talented young writer/musician who works very hard to promote his work and like myself, reach a wider audience. Please help Brooks by taking a second to visit his site and peruse the selections available.

If you visit my blog regularly because you are a fan of horror, then his writing might not be your cup of tea. But give him a shot and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. He is a writer who takes real experiences and crafts them into works of original art. And hey, if you're not a fan of horror and you just stumbled upon this accidentally, then maybe you'll enjoy his style of writing anymore. Either way, the downloads are all free so why don't you give him a shot and help support your fellow aspiring authors. Thanks and keep on reading.

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