Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Short Review: DISLIKE by Isaac Thorne





The rapid evolution of social media has had quite the impact on society. But sometimes people confuse status updates with journal entries. They think what they write is private. That people don’t care enough about them to read what they write. That people won’t take them seriously. But someone is always watching.

Nowadays, you have to be careful with what you write or share on the Internet. You have to stop and ask yourself: How much information is too much information? Where do you draw the line?

These questions are explored in Isaac Thorne’s novella, DISLIKE (available through Amazon). Isaac’s story–comprised of social media comments, messages, and status updates–is a dark and poignant tale about the negative effects and influence that these social networking sites have had.

The story is also painfully realistic, to the point where I found myself shaking my head at the main characters shameless indiscretions. William Dennison, fueled by alcohol and rage, takes to the Internet to vent his frustrations about his soon-to-be-ex-wife. His friends and former co-workers try to cheer him up and talk some sense into him, but William Dennison seems hostile and inconsolable.

Through a series of status updates, we learn that William has lost his job and his wife on the same day. We also learn that he has a gun in his possession…

This is what would’ve happened if Travis Bickle had a Facebook account in Taxi Driver. But all movie references and comparisons aside, Isaac’s story is a concise, dark, and disturbingly realistic portrayal of a man who feels he has nothing left to lose.

Sometimes the simplest stories have the most powerful effect over the reader. This is a horror story for the Facebook generation, for all those millennials who are more obsessed with their iPhones and Androids than they are with the consequences of reality. It can also be viewed as a cautionary tale for those who are unsure of where to draw the line. Let this dark tale be a lesson to you: Watch what you share on social media…

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