Saturday, April 29, 2017

Short Review: THE RISE OF PETER TROY: VOL ONE By Joseph DiBartolo

Review: “The Rise of Peter Troy: Volume One” by Joseph DiBartolo

Joseph DiBartolo’s novella, THE RISE OF PETER TROY VOL 1: THE DECAYED ONES, explodes out of the gate like a race horse and doesn’t stop until it reaches the finish line. In the interest of full disclosure, I have yet to read the other volumes in the Peter Troy series. But Volume One seems to serve as the catalyst, a setup for something much, much bigger.

Peter Troy, the eponymous hero of this short novel, is an instantly likable and relatable character. He’s got legal problems, a mountain of debt, and he’s incapable of getting his life together…that is until the rest of the world starts to fall apart around him.

Peter, an ex-butcher who is infatuated with zombies, has been training for this moment his whole life without even realizing it. And he certainly isn’t going down without a fight. And his vast, encyclopedic knowledge of zombies is just one of the many weapons he possesses.

Along his bizarre new journey, Peter encounters both the dead and the living. It doesn’t take long for Peter to form new alliances in his fight for survival. But these survivors aren’t just talkers, they’re doers, they’re fighters. They don’t sit around for hours, waiting or discussing their next move. The story moves at a brisk pace.

Author Joseph DiBartolo also puts an extra added twist on the zombie genre with this story. Your level of intelligence determines the type of zombie you come back as: Slow and witless, or fast and cunning. Some of the zombies are smarter and faster, while others roam aimlessly like mindless beasts out of a George A. Romero film. This creates a whole new threat for Peter and his motley crew of survivors.

THE RISE OF PETER TROY is a worthy addition to the zombie genre, with a protagonist you can easily root for. The series is available through Amazon. If you’re a fan of the ever-growing zombie trend, I suggest giving this first volume a try. You might enjoy it as much as I did.

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