Thursday, April 11, 2019


Genre: Horror

By Daniel Skye

            Blake Fitzgerald–or Fitz, as he colloquially referred to by friends, neighbors, and co-workers alike–had seen one too many horror movies. He used to love them as a kid, when these films had virtually no effect on him. Now, as an adult, one horror movie was enough to invoke many sleepless nights.

            And like many others, Fitz was consumed by the irrational fear of letting one of his appendages dangle precariously over the side of his bed.

            What if there’s some strange, unearthly creature lurking under my bed? What if a monster grabs me and pulls me underneath? As long as I keep my arms and legs tucked under the covers, I’ll stay safe.

            Call it paranoia. Call it superstition. Call it primal fear. But if he let just one leg dangle over the side of the bed, he left himself vulnerable to any mystical demons that theoretically resided under his bed.

            The weather was mild. But under his covers, he was sweating up a storm. He couldn’t turn the heat down. The thermostat had been stuck on 75 degrees since the day before. It would take at least a few days for a serviceman to come and repair it.

            Oh, grow up, he thought. You’re being ridiculous. This is real life, not a movie. Nothing’s going to happen if you decide to kick off the covers or let your arm hang off the side of the bed.

            But he couldn’t have been more wrong.

            He slipped one leg out from under the covers and let it drape over the side of his bed.

            In mere seconds, a cold, scaly hand wrapped tightly around his ankle. Its ragged claws dug deep into his skin, drawing massive blood and crushing the bones beneath.

          He screeched as he was wrenched from his bed and dragged underneath. One more bloodcurdling scream echoed through his quiet neighborhood, loud enough to wake the dead. And the night was silent again.

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