Thursday, July 18, 2019


Genre: Science Fiction

By Randy Romero

Dried, decomposing leaves rustled in the breeze. Branches snapped under the passing innumerable feet. They traveled in large packs, traversing the boundless territory in search of inhabitable land, a place to settle down and call home.

A strong wind swept in from the east, whistling through the decaying trees. Some trees were still healthy and standing tall. Others had rotted away and died slowly. Most plants did not survive the fallout. But the group was unaffected by any lingering radiation.

The boy kept close to his father. He knew the others, but he was not at all familiar with the region. Everything was foreign to him. Strange and wondrous. Even the trees were a sensational sight to behold.

The group continued on their path, but the father stopped to examine something in the dead grass.

The boy clung to his father, both frightened and intrigued by the skeletal remains.

“Daddy, what’s that?”

“These are the remains of a human.”

Human,” the green skinned child repeated with curiosity.

“Earth was their home. The humans existed not too long before you were born. Wiped out by their own weapons of mass destruction. Much like our home planet was wiped out. Now Earth is ours to colonize and start a new life. This is our home now.”

“Tell me more about the humans, daddy,” the alien child begged.

“Come along,” he said and took the boy’s hand, their long symmetrical fingers interlocking. “Let’s catch up with the others and I will tell you all about the humans and their way of life, and the war that ended it all.”

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