Monday, February 10, 2020


By Randy Romero

The following is a transcript of two Instant Messenger conversations found on Ellie Rowe’s desktop computer. Ellie and I went to Seaford High School together. The police found these messages on her computer while searching her house for evidence. These messages were never released to the public.

I had a friend in high school whose dad worked for the local police department. He sent me these messages via email a few years after we graduated and it scared the hell out of me. I asked my friend if I could publish these messages and he agreed as long as I didn’t release his or his father’s name. I'm not posting these for shock value. I just want people to know Ellie's story. And if anyone has information regarding the case, I urge you to contact the authorities and tell them what you know.

RedReaper: Hey
SexyFlirt85: Heyy
SexyFlirt85: Do I know u?
RedReaper: Nah. I got your screen name from a chat room.
SexyFlirt85: Oo OK
SexyFlirt85: Well nice 2 meet ya lol
RedReaper: Likewise
RedReaper: A/S/L?
SexyFlirt85: 16/Female/NY
SexyFlirt85: U?
RedReaper: 16/Male/NY
SexyFlirt85: O wow your from NY 2? Where in NY?
RedReaper: All over the place. I move around a lot.
SexyFlirt85: A nomad huh? Lol
SexyFlirt85: So what’s up?
RedReaper: Nm. U?
SexyFlirt85: Oh nm. Watching a movie.
RedReaper: What movie?
SexyFlirt85: A scary movie lol
RedReaper: Do you like scary movies?
SexyFlirt85: Haha r u quoting Scream? I loved that movie. So scary!
RedReaper: I like scary movies
SexyFlirt85: Me 2
RedReaper: But nothing beats real fear
RedReaper: Primal fear
RedReaper: I love when people are afraid. They taste so much better when they’re afraid
SexyFlirt85: Uhhhh your kinda creeping me out dude
RedReaper: Are your parents’ home?
SexyFlirt85: Yes
RedReaper: Don’t lie to me. Lying to me would be a big mistake.
SexyFlirt85: My parents are home! Now leave me alone!
SexyFlirt85: Creep
RedReaper: You’re lying
RedReaper: Your parents aren’t home. I know they’re not home.
SexyFlirt85: O yea smart guy. How would you know that?
RedReaper: Because I killed your father. Split his head open like a coconut. That was after I removed all his skin. Peeled him like an apple.
SexyFlirt85: This is not funny anymore
RedReaper: It wasn’t meant to be funny. I don’t tell jokes. I’m dead serious. About as dead as your parents are.
SexyFlirt85: OK bye! Get a life loser!
RedReaper: You really don’t want to insult me or call me names, little girl. I am not one to be trifled with. Ask your parents. Oh wait you can’t.
SexyFlirt85: I’m calling the police.
RedReaper: I don’t think so. If you end this conversation or call the police, your mother dies. She’s still alive. I can’t say the same for your dad. He’s long gone.
RedReaper: But your mom is alive…for now. She’s lying at my feet, gasping for air. You do anything to attract attention, you disconnect or log off, and I will rip her open and feed her entrails to her.
SexyFlirt85: OK! OK! Please just tell me what u want!
RedReaper: I just wanna have a little fun with you Ellie
SexyFlirt85: I never told you my name…
RedReaper: Don’t sign off. Just get up and go to your bedroom window.
SexyFlirt85: OK
RedReaper: You see the blue van parked outside your house?
SexyFlirt85: Yes
RedReaper: I’m watching you Ellie
RedReaper: Your mom is in here keeping me company
RedReaper: You make one wrong move and your mom is as good as dead

SpunkyMonkey has signed on

Sexy Flirt85: Becky!
SpunkyMonkey: Hey
SpunkyMonkey: Sup?
SexyFlirt85: Becky I need your help! There is a man parked outside my house in a blue van. I think he killed my dad and he has my mom with him. He says if I sign off or disconnect I’m dead. Please call the police!
SpunkyMonkey: Whoa whoa whoa slow down
SpunkyMonkey: This isn’t funny Ellie
SexyFlirt85: Its not a joke!!!
SexyFlirt85: Please send help!!!
SpunkyMonkey: Calm down Ellie. It’s gotta be a prank. Prob Dan or Joe
SpunkyMonkey: How can this guy be messaging you online if he’s parked in a van outside your house? Wouldn’t he need a computer for that?

RedReaper: Hey Ellie. Your friend is right. I couldn’t possibly be messaging you without a computer. Hmmm if I’m not in the van where could I be? Hey don’t your parents have a computer downstairs in the den? And isn’t your basement soundproof? Maybe you should go down there and check on mom and dad.
RedReaper: I warned you Ellie. I told you what would happen if you didn’t comply. Your mom’s a goner now. And you’re next.

SpunkyMonkey: I told my mom and she called the police. They are on the way.
SpunkyMonkey: Ellie?
SpunkyMonkey: Ellie!
SpunkyMonkey: Answer me!
SpunkyMonkey: Ellie! Ellie! Please answer me!
SexyFlirt85 has signed off

Ellie’s parents were found brutally murdered inside their home, their bodies discovered in the basement. Ellie was never seen again. And the man responsible for this heinous crime was never apprehended.

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